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Book a Table

Please use the form below to book a table, with bookings available from May 17th 2021. From April 14th 2021 to May 16th 2021 we will be offering an outside service only in line with Covid rules but will not be taking bookings. Please check our facebook page for up to date opening hours (we will be closed Monday and Tuesday) as they are subject to the great British weather!! 

Thank you for your help in keeping us in line with the regulations and Covid-safe.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and legislation, we are currently unable to take any bookings above 6. Please see our Covid statement and the information below for more details:

  • The ‘rule of six’ is in force for all bookings, both inside and outside. Please note, we will not book larger groups across several tables as you will still count as a single group and this would still be against the Covid-19 regulations.
  • Should a booking arrive as a group of more than 6 we will have no choice but to refuse service. Should it be apparent that a larger group has booked several smaller tables to try and get around the 6 person limit, then we will refuse service to all members of the party and they will be asked to leave. Whilst we cannot wait until these limitations can be lifted, they are non-negotiable and we will not deviate from them to ensure our compliance with the law.
  • The only exception to the above, is for two households comprising of 6 or more people who are able to eat out together whilst maintaining social distancing. If you think this applies to you, please call 01752 403888 to speak to a manager who can book you a table.