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Covid-Safe Statement

* Updated 9th November 2021 *

The safety of both our customers and our staff is our absolute priority and we have implemented a host of measures, alongside those specified by HM Government, to ensure that we are a Covid Secure environment.

Life has changed for us all over the past year and we, like you, have been doing our best to navigate the new normal. First and foremost we encourage all of our staff to test twice weekly at home, particularly following their days off. We also have tests available on site for those that need them. Our staff will also continue to wear masks.

In line with HM Governments guidance and following our own thorough risk assessment, the following practices have been put in place to enable us to serve both takeaway and dine-in customers safely:

  • Increased hand washing by staff, and the use of alcohol gels between customers.
  • Alcohol gels are also available for customers to use at various stations through the premises, and doors are left open with separate entrances and exits to create a one-way flow of traffic.
  • We are proud of having always adhered to the strictest of cleanliness schedules. This has been further enhanced with additional training given to all staff that are working. Surfaces, door handles, seats and tables will be cleaned after all contact (for instance after a group leaves a table and before the next one arrives), as well as all of the equipment used by staff, for example the coffee machine.
  • The staff that are working, will be working in ‘pods’ as much as possible. If one member of a pod were to fall ill, other members of that pod may be asked to self-isolate in line with government advice. This will enable us to remain open with an alternative pod of staff and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, but it does also mean that we will be operating with smaller teams and we ask you to keep this in mind.
  • Waiting staff are not allowed in the kitchen, nor kitchen staff out front so the two teams are able to work independently of each other. Each has a separate entrance and exit.
  • Deliveries are made to a specific location, with no need for drivers to enter the premises or come into contact with any member of our team.

Table Bookings (Indoors)

    • There will be a greeter at the front door to direct you to your table and explain all you need to know about how things will work during your visit. We will continue to operate a full table service inside so customers have no need to go to the bar at all, thus avoiding any face to face contact with staff. Inside tables can be booked, or you can just come along when the un-booked tables operate as first come, first served. The terrace and decking areas will only be available on a first come first serve basis.
    • All customers above the age of 16 will be encouraged to register with Test and Trace either through the NHS Covid-19 Test and Trace app (by far the easiest and quickest way!) or by providing a name and phone number as contact details.
    • Dogs are very welcome in the bar room, but must be kept on a short lead and under the customers tables at all times. This is to avoid any interaction between tables and allow waiting staff to have free movement around the tables which is more important than ever whilst we offer full table service.
    • All our menus are single use and will be destroyed after you have finished with them. For this reason we will leave them with you for the duration of your meal.
    • We are operating a card only policy. All customers are encouraged to use contactless payment where possible which is now available up to £100.

    Outside Deck and Terrace

    • The tables outside operate on a first come, first serve basis only and sadly cannot be booked.
    • Whilst we do appreciate the government guidance allows groups of up to 30 to gather outside, we have never encouraged larger groups outside and it is not our intention to change this policy. We can accommodate larger groups inside so if this applies to you then please do give us a call to check availability on 01752 403888.
    • Some paper menus will be available, but as these are single use we would encourage all guests to make use of our QR code to view the menu on their smart phone. Don’t worry, we can help you with this when you arrive!
    • We have created a new ordering shed outside to save you needing to come into the building! All food and drinks will be ordered and paid for there on a pay as you go basis. We are sorry but there will be no tabs run outside. Food and drinks will then be delivered to your table by a member of the team.
    • We may limit our food service outside at very busy times, so if you would like to guarantee the full menu please do book a table inside.
    • Please, please do not move the tables around, and please do not swap tables once seated! Our outside tables seat a maximum of 6 people each and must not be moved to create larger tables for larger groups – this is not only frustrating for staff when it comes to managing the space, but may also make other customers feel uncomfortable if they are surrounded by a large group. Please bear this in mind when visiting with larger numbers of people (see above!).
    • All customers above the age of 16 will be encouraged to register with Test and Trace either through the NHS Covid-19 Test and Trace app (by far the easiest and quickest way!) or by providing a name and phone number as contact details.
    • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, we are by the water after all!

    Staff will continue to wear face masks and and guests are encouraged to wear face masks when arriving to, leaving and moving around the premises, including when going to use the bathrooms. We will provide full training to all of our staff on the correct way to use facemasks as per WHO instructions.

    We look forward to welcoming you for a meal soon. If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 01752 403888 or We would be very happy to answer any questions or specific concerns you may have.