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October and November Main Menu 2018

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We regularly update this page (as our menu generally changes monthly), but please remember that this is a sample menu. If you are heading to us for a specific dish then please do make sure that you give us a call to make sure that the dish is available!

To nibble while waiting

…… the next course will arrive when cooked unless you say otherwise!

Spanish mixed olives, green and purple, with onions and peppers in paprika oil £ 3.95
Crusty bread, balsamic and olive oil £ 3.25
Mini sausages with honey and mustard £ 4.00


Soup of the day with granary bread £ 5.50
Chicken satay skewers with a peanut dip £ 7.50
Traditional prawn and crayfish cocktail with Marie Rose sauce and buttered bread £ 9.00
Dartmoor venison Scotch egg with a mustard mayonnaise £ 6.95
Salad Niçoise, tinned tuna, beans, boiled egg, olives, new potatoes £ 8.50
……………………… or as a main course £12.50
Ham hock and parsley terrine with Melba toast £ 8.50
Goat’s cheese and roasted red pepper bruschetta £ 7.50
Chicken liver pate served with a red onion chutney and granary toast £ 6.00

Classic main courses

Local haddock fillet deep fried in real ale batter with mushy peas and fries £15.25
Roast belly pork with apples and cider served with creamy mash and mixed vegetables £15.50
Chicken & chorizo quesadilla served with skinny fries and salad £14.00
Game pie (rabbit, pheasant & venison) served with creamy mash and vegetables £15.95
Whole tail scampi served with fries and garden peas £14.50
Calves liver & bacon served with creamy mash and mixed vegetables £15.50
Fish dog (salmon, cod and potato) winter chutney in a soft roll and a mixed salad £13.00

Main courses

Lamb shank tagine served with jeweled cous cous and crusty bread £22.50
Plaice, on the bone with hand cut chunky fries, watercress and seaweed béarnaise £16.95
Boeuf bourguignon, the classic French stew from Burgundy with new potatoes £16.25
Seafood (bass, cod and mussel) bouillabaisse served with crusty bread £18.50
Sladesdown duck ‘shepherds’ pie served with seasonal vegetables £18.95

Chargrilled meats

Homemade 8oz steak burger in a bun, smoked Applewood cheese, bacon, gherkin, salsa, American mustard, salad and fries £14.25
Chicken burger with a chipotle paste, Applewood cheese, salad and fries £14.00
Gammon steak with a fried egg, garden peas and fries £15.50
Pork chop with creamy mash and seasonal vegetables £12.75
Flat iron steak £16.50
10oz West Country Rump steak £22.95

All beef steaks served with fries, rocket salad and tomato


Black bean burger topped with mozzarella and balsamic onions in a bun with coleslaw £12.95
Warm Helston Blue cheesecake with pears in balsamic vinaigrette with a mixed salad and new potatoes £13.25


Mature cheddar, red onion mayo, gem lettuce £6.50
Ham & tomato £6.50
Atlantic prawn and Marie Rose sauce £8.95
Sausage & onion £6.95
Cheese & onion or cheese & tomato toasty with a bowl of soup £9.50
Ploughman’s, served with mature cheddar, a local brie, crudities, pickles, crisps and a crusty white baguette £12.75

Smaller dishes for children

4oz burger topped with Gruyère cheese served in a bun with fries £7.50
Local sausage with mash and gravy - or just with fries £5.95
Local haddock fillet in beer batter with chips and mushy peas £7.95

Desserts, all £ 7.00

Crème brûlée with a spicy plum compote
Chocolate fondant with toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream
Baked vanilla cheesecake with a plum compote
Banana & butterscotch tatin with rum and raisin ice cream
Trio of lemon – sponge, sorbet and posset
Sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce and banana ice cream

Local Cowlick Creamery dairy ice cream and frozen yoghurt
Cheese menu; choose from our extensive cheese list, featuring local chesses as well as those from far away. Prices Vary.

Sunday roast

Classic roasts with all the trimmings are available on Sundays only; sadly we sometimes run out later on in the afternoon.

Rib of beef * £15.00
Loin of pork * £14.00
Chicken breast £14.00 
Beef & pork combo £19.50
... this one is not for the faint hearted!

*dishes marked with an * are available in smaller portions

Food allergies and intolerances

Before you order your food and drinks, please speak to our manager if you wish to know about our ingredients.