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Eco Statement

Our impact on the environment cannot go unchecked and we take our responsibilities as a company very seriously! We are not perfect, and do not claim to be, but we are constantly looking at ways to make a difference and are always keen to hear of new ideas that we may be able to adopt. Here are just some of the ways that we have made changes over the last few years:

Front of House

  • Plastic straws are banned!! Recyclable paper straws are the only ones we offer now – and whilst we are at it, we will not allow plastic stirrers on our bar either.
  • Our coffee beans come from Voyager Coffee. All of their packaging is plant based and they collect it from us, once empty, so that it can be composted efficiently. Another great way to put an end to single use plastic packaging.
  • We have no plastic bottles in our bar fridges and recycle all of the glass waste that we produce.
  • In the very few instances that we do have plastic on site we recycle this as well!
  • All cardboard is flattened and recycled.
  • The remnants of our candles are sent to Exeter for recycling into new candles by The Recycled Candle Company.
  • We use recycled ink cartridges from local company Refresh Cartridges, and and used cartridges are sent away to be refilled ad reused.
  • Takeaway containers and takeaway coffee cups are produced by Vegware who produce plant based compostable foodservice packaging.
  • We choose to use loose leaf tea rather than tea bags due to the plastic found in the bags.
  • We use a pergle (very large!) box of milk rather than smaller bottles to reduce the amount of plastic we get through making coffees. We make a lot of coffees!

In The Kitchen

  • All food waste is separated out and sent away for recycling.
  • All cardboard is flattened and recycled separately.
  • Plastic containers (such as ice cream containers) are reused as storage on-site.
  • No single use storage is allowed!
  • Tin cans are washed out and recycled.

Other Efforts!

  • We have switched all of the lightbulbs possible to LED bulbs and are now looking into ways to change the upstairs lighting to more energy efficient options.